Man Health and Pharmaceutical company


MAN Co. was established in 1972 to produce liquid detergent products and also to perform laboratory tests, ranging biochemical reagents and hematology solutions. Taking advantage of technical knowledge and experienced and professional staff in production, the company enjoys a procedural approach and declares its quality policy as followings:
1- Continuous improvement of efficiency of quality management system according to requirements of ISO9001-2008 edition and ISO 13485-2003 edition standards.
2- Following legal and regulatory requirements of Ministry of Health Medical Education.
3- Improvement of production processes
4- Improvement of quality of products in order to promote customer satisfaction

More than 70 people are working in this Company in various sections of production, technical, quality control, R&D, packing and sales.
MAN Co. distributes laboratory diagnostics products independently and TAMIN TOP MAN Co. distributes health and detergent products. Sales centers of company are active in nationwide.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

ISO 13485

Production Unit

All production stages in this section are accomplished according to ISO 13485-2016 and ISO 9001-2015 manuals by experienced and professional staff. Products are transferred to quality control section.
Production, quality control and packing units are located on 14th km of Old Karaj Road.

R&D Unit

According to their long time knowledge and scientific experience, staff of research and development unit has following responsibilities:
– Research in order to manufacture new products.
– Translation of scientific texts and updating information of brochures.
– Preparation of parameters for biochemistry products for new auto-analyzer machines.

Quality Control Unit

All quality control measures in this section are accomplished according to ISO 13485-2016 and ISO 9001-2015 manuals by experienced and professional staff as following: Accuracy, precision, repeatability, stability, linearity and comparison with similar reagents.

Technical and Support Unit

This unit is responsible to explain the method of operation of each product scientifically. Some experienced experts are always accountable for probable questions and problems of consumers. Our experts may refer personally to clinical laboratories if required.

Sales Unit

Sales office of MAN Co. has following responsibilities:
– Sales of products of MAN Co.
– Delivery of products to consumers regarding ISO 13485-2015 and ISO 9001-2015 standards.
– Rejecting defective products to QC Laboratory for reexamination.