Project Description

Selectra Pro XL

Laboratory Equipment

=Selectra Pro XL

Laboratory Equipment

Auto-biochemical analyzer with over 360 tests per hour

The Selectra ProXL is a fully automated biochemical device with a beautiful design and performance, 1 liter of distilled water per hour

  • 450 tests with ISE and 360 without ISE tests

  • 64 refrigeration points fitted to Peltier

  • 120 sample locations

  • Touch computer

  • Affordable maintenance fee

  • Reading speed: 450 tests with ISE and 360 tests without ISE

  • Number of Repositories: 64 Reagent Locations in Two Trays, Used in Cc10 – Cc25 and CC50 Bottles Equipped With Cooling System | Possibility to use any of the stations as R3-R2-R1 reagents

  • Reagent sampling system and sample: Two syringes of 1000 μl for reagent harvesting and two 100 μl syringes for sample collection. Removable volume of 400-110 μl for R1 and removable volume μL 180 for R2 and R3 with a harvesting capacity μl 1, sample volume of 30 μl with 0.1 μl extraction capability, reagent needle equipped with an initial heater . In order to prevent the contamination of the reagents and samples, the prescription needles are equipped with a surface sensor and the presence of the system allows for the detection of the volume in the reference bottles. Reagent and sample needles, in addition to the surface sensor, are equipped with a collision sensor.

  • Reaction Tray (Cuvette): With two separate reaction trays, each tray has 48 interconnecting cuvettes, with full automatic washing system. The Peltier element system has a temperature of 37 ° C (± 0.1 ° C)

  • Optical system: 12V 20V halogen bulb Two separate optical systems each have 8 optical filters with wavelengths 340 – 405 – 505 – 546 – 578 – 620 – 660 and 700 nm, each one being interchangeable.

  • Photometric suffering: Linear photometric suffering -0.1-3.0 with an accuracy of 0.001Abs

  • Reading methods: Ability to measure with Biochromatic End point and Kinetic Two point, End point, Ability to plot the automatic reaction dilution reaction of specific specimens (samples whose concentrations exceed the line readings of the kit). Perform a calibration of one Spot and multipoint (for tests whose curves are shaped as responses) Prozone Check for immune testing with CUT OFF functionality and compute reagent blank and sample blank calculations if necessary.

  • Quality control: the ability to define 15 different controls and the possibility of placing 3 controls for a monthly quality control charts test and applying the rules of the westgard

  • Standards: CB, CE-IVD and UL

  • Computer Specifications and Software: PC with Touch Screen, Windows XP MS Software Included with RS232 Output (Network)

  • Power consumption and environmental specifications and consumption of distilled water: Vac 240-100 volts and maximum power consumption VA 1K Frequency 60-50 Hz Can be used at ambient temperature 15-15 ° C and humidity 15-88% Distilled water 1 liter per hour

  • Extras: (According to the order and not available with the device) Bar code reader Isolation of dilute and thick sewage | ISE for measuring Potassium-sodium-Chloride and Co2 | Printer

  • Dimensions and weight of the device: length 117 cm, width 80 cm, height 115 cm, weight 190 kg