Man company’s detergent and laboratory products

MAN Co. was established in 1972 to produce liquid detergent products and also to perform laboratory tests, ranging biochemical reagents and hematology solutions.

MAN Co. distributes laboratory diagnostics products independently and TAMIN TOP MAN Co. distributes health and detergent products. Sales centers of company are active in nationwide.

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Man Detergent Products

You can see the types of glass cleaner, carpet shampoo, dish cleaner, disinfectant, surface cleaner, detergent, softener, liquid soap, gas cleaner

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Hematology Products

You can see a variety of hematological solutions and blood tests in this collection, and see its specifications and catalogs.

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Biochemical Solutions

You can view a variety of stable biochemical solutions, fluorescent biochemical solutions, calibrator and standard, quick tests and controls, and see the specifications.

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Laboratory equipment

You can see a variety of laboratory equipment including biochemical autoclaves and photocells and see the catalog.

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